Grand Valley ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeons

Grand Valley ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeons provides full spectrum otolaryngology services to patients in the Grand Valley and surrounding areas. Adam Baker, MD and Katie McKee-Cole, MD, are both fellowship trained and board certified ear, nose and throat physicians. Dr. Baker specializes in facial plastic surgery and reconstruction and Dr. McKee-Cole specializes in pediatric otolaryngology.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Baker,
Thank you for all you have done to keep me alive. You are truly a wizard in reconstruction techniques.

Staff Members, Kathryn Morlan, P.A. and Dr. Adam Baker,
Your thoughtful consideration, good scheduling skills and special medical care are extremely appreciated. Each one of you serves as a great example of the way health care should be administered.

Dear Dr. Katie McKee-Cole,
I want to thank you so much for taking such great care of me. You took the time to fully discuss and make sure the surgery was thoroughly explained and understood before time. You have been so kind and patient with me and my family. Even during my recovery and follow up visits you were engaged and listened to me. I am so grateful for you taking the time and taking great care of me. I will be referring all my friends and family to you for any ENT care they may require. I can't thank you enough!! You made this surgery a pleasant experience. Thank You!!

Dear Dr. Adam Baker,
I want to thank you so much for your tender care and expertise during my surgery. You have been so kind and patient with me and my family and it won't be forgotten. YOU won't be forgotten - you hold a special place in my heart. From what I can tell at this point in my recovery, you did a miraculous job on my surgery. I am so grateful for your care. I have already referred all my friends and family to you for any care they may need and will continue to do so.

Dear Dr. Baker,
It was very reassuring to talk to you last week about my perforated eardrum. Based on your recommendation I went ahead with surgery. Thank you for your good counsel. You gave me the confidence to go forward. I'm happy to recommend you and Community Hospital to all my family and friends.

Dear Dr. Katie McKee-Cole,
I got the results and they were a great relief for myself and our family. I wanted to thank you for your concerns, follow-up and the caring and professional way to handle my bump. You will do well in your practice here!

Dear Dr. Baker,
Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my mother. When others looked the other way, you made sure she was taken care of. We will always be thankful for your care and compassion toward us!

Dear Dr. Baker,
You have changed my life! I have taken a deep breath and relaxed! I totally respect you to the highest degree possible. I am so grateful. Thank you for your knowledge. I hope your kindness is repaid to you! You are brilliant!

Dear Dr. McKee-Cole,
Thank you so much for all that you did for me! You took amazing care of me and I can't tell you how much better I feel now! Thank you for listening and taking control of the situation to make it better. I so appreciate it!

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